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Dressage, Jumping & Event Fitted Saddles

Made to your horse's measurements. Choose flap length and seat size. Includes our exclusive Ten (10) Day Trial Period. Have one of our trained saddle fitters come out to your barn to measure and conduct a personalized saddle fitting or request a fit kit and have your saddle fitted through one of our saddle shops.  
Contact Us for detailed information on fees and services in your area.

Custom fitted to your horse. 
You can supply us with your horse's measurements by requesting a fit kit for a fee of $20. Please include your mailing address in the email. Upon ordering a saddle or purchasing one off the truck, the Fit Kit Fee will be deducted from your total due. 

Dressage Signature Saddles Off The Shelf (optional Fitted)

Available in Narrow, Medium, and Wide Tree Sizes. Seat Sizes: 17", 17.5", 18" and 18.5". Flap Length: Regular 16" (Petite 15" and Long 17" available on special order). This includes our Ten (10) Day Trial Period. Depending on your tree size, we will generally have saddles available from our inventory ready to go. Signature Series means off the shelf.   
These saddles are now offered with service and adjusting by our saddle fitters.

Trial Period Full Custom Saddles

This is a personalized fitting in which you will pick your style of tree, your flap, and your knee roll of choice. Leather options include: Buffalo, French Calf, Italian Calf, and a variety of other top grade choices. You are building your saddle to suit your needs and dimensions. The saddle is custom fitted to your horse's measurements. This is a service designed for those riders that require a higher level of customization. Call us if you would like more information and pricing on this service.

We will send you a Demo Saddle based on the series saddle you requested, either adjusted for you with custom/semi custom or your chosen tree and seat size with Signature.  
This liberates you to easily evaluate whether or not this particular model is right for you. Our confidence in our styles and designs allows you to ride in our saddles as if they were yours, without having to wrap your stirrup leathers. This allows you to test our saddles privately and at your own leisure. Your DEMO SADDLE will be secured with a credit card.  
Your card will not be charged until you authorize us to do so or if the saddle is not returned. At the end of the trial period you will need to notify us of your intention so we may process your sale. Weather and horses can be unpredictable, contact your fitter if you need to extend the trial period.

Our trial policy is extended to our customers in order to ensure the best fit possible for both horse and rider.
The customer is responsible for shipping charges incurred for the trial of the saddle.