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We are proud of the high-end products we offer and also deliver an equally high-end repair service. To make this process go as smooth as possible, we suggest you go through the following steps.

Step 1

Fill out the form on this page to submit the necessary information about your saddle.

Step 2 

Download and Print the Saddle Repair Form.

Download Saddle Repair Form

If you encounter any issues with your browser when opening this PDF, please send an email to so we can send you the form as an attachment.

Step 3

Fill out printed form and send in with your saddle.

Warranty Information: Limited 5 year warranty on the tree. One year warranty on workmanship and materials (excludes damage due to neglect or mistreatment/from original date of purchase). Proof of ownership is required for the warranty to be valid. Without proof of ownership, warranty is void and non-transferable. Shipping is not included in warranty repairs. Therefore, a shipping charge will be included on your final repair invoice.

Note: You may omit any credit card information at this time, that will be collected at a later date. Remember to sign the Saddle Repair Form that will be sent in with your saddle, without this we can not work on your saddle.

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