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Important! Read Before Riding in your Saddle!

Thank you for choosing Custom Saddlery. The saddle you receive is either a demo for you to test or your actual saddle made to the specific measurements of you and your horse. Our confidence in our design and fit allows you to ride in our saddle as if it were yours, without having to wrap your stirrup leathers*. This allows you to test our saddles privately and at your own leisure.
*In the event that you decide to return the enclosed saddle, it must be free of damage beyond the normal wear from riding (ie. scratches, scrapes, cuts, etc.). If there is serious damage beyond the normal wear, your credit card will be charged accordingly.
We reserve the right to make necessary changes to our saddles without notification.

The Ten Day Trial is a Liberal Policy

To get the most out of your trial, you need to ride in the saddle at least five or six times. If you need more time or your horse develops a problem that would limit your riding in the saddle, you can simply call us to request more time. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU RIDE IN THE SADDLE! You will never truly know if it's the right saddle for you by simply riding in it once. You have secured the saddle with a credit card. Your card has not been charged and will not be charged until you authorize us to do so, which will constitute your acceptance of the goods we have sent you. At the end of the trial you will need to notify us of the status of your purchase, so we may process your sale or provide you with another style for trial. If we still have not heard from you after TWENTY days, your card will be charged and your purchase will be completed.

Once the saddle sale has closed, there are several options available to the customer if a problem should arise:

  1. The fit at the time of sale is guaranteed. After the ten day trial and acceptance of the saddle, any adjustments performed at our shops or our mobile fitters can be completed, but are at an additional cost.
  2. The customer may try other saddles and pick another style. The estimated market value of their saddle as determined by Custom Saddlery, less 20%, will be applied to the regular purchase price of a new saddle.
  3. Custom Saddlery can take the saddle and sell it on consignment, less 20% commission. If you have any questions, you can contact our shops at the toll-free number below or call one of our saddle reps directly.

Trade-Ins and your Saddle's Value

In the event that you wish to upgrade to a newer model, you may trade in your older Custom Saddle and use it toward purchasing your new Custom Saddle. Please contact your fitter for accurate pricing.