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Wolfgang Omni Monoflap with burgundy patent panel, burgundy loops with crystals, and metallic gold welt and stitch.
Icon Star in Vienna French Calf Acajou. Customized with a brown mock croc cantle, black stitching and london color welt
Custom Advantage R with turquoise crystals on cantle and loops, silver welt and stitch.
Custom Advantage Monoflap in Vienna Buffalo Brown. Customized cantle in patent brown with gold crystals, london color welt and stitch all over!
Wolfgang Omni 2 in Buffalo Black with cream front and rear facings and cream loops.
Custom Everest Monoflap in Vienna Buffalo Black. Contrasting leather in Vienna Coffee on the cantle, knee roll, facings, and gullet lining. White stitch and welt color.
Custom Everest Monoflap in Buffalo Black. Customized with a black mock croc cantle and burnt orange welt and stitch!
Custom Everest Monoflap with a customized tooled cantle, Vienna black saddle with black stitch.
Custom Advantage in Buffalo Brown. Customized with a brown patent cantle and brown patent loops. White welt and white stitching.
Icon Star with pink rear facing, welt, and pink crystals on cantle and loops.
Customized cantle on an Icon Eclipse in mid blue with silver stitch basketweave detail.
Icon Flight in Buffalo Black customized with caramel Vienna cantle and gold crystals. Smooth black inlaid seat, caramel Vienna loops and facing, and london stitching/welt.
Side view of the Icon Flight from the previous post. Such a beautiful saddle! Check out the previous post to see all the wonderful customizations on this saddle.
Icon Flight 2 with orange patent cantle, burnt orange welt, and london stitch
Customized blue mock croc cantle.
Wolfgang Solo 2 Hybrid. Metallic gold welt/stitch. Gold crystals on loops and cantle. Genuine Caiman Alligator on cantle, flaps, gusset, and skirt.
Icon Eclipse in Vienna Buffalo Black with contrasting Vienna French Calf seat and knee rolls in color coffee, white welt and white inlaid seat.
Icon Star, Buffalo Black with mid blue welt/stitch. Crystals on cantle and loops.
Icon Coda 2 Hybrid in Buffalo Black. Red welt/stitch, red front and rear facing, red gusset, and red patent loops with crystals.
Monte Carlo Vienna Brown. Vienna French Calf front and rear facings, london welt/brown stitch.
Wolfgang Solo in buffalo black with black mock croc cantle and patent black rear panel.
Customized cantle on a Custom Everest R with silver stitch double basket weave and clear crystals.
Wolfgang Solo 2 in Vienna French Calf Acajou with brown mock crock cantle and gold metallic welt.
Custom Revolution in Buffalo Black with contrasting knee roll in caramel and caramel cantle.