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Custom Saddlery Celebrates 20th Anniversary with European Expansion

Custom Saddlery Celebrates 20th Anniversary with European Expansion
Posted on: August 3, 2017    Category  News

Walsall, England (August 3, 2017) — Custom Saddlery is celebrating two decades of creating high quality, customized, and artistically designed saddles for dressage riders, jumpers, and eventers. The company has been a longtime favorite saddle manufacturer in the United States and in Holland, and now, in its 20th successful year, the saddlery is expanding its manufacturing capabilities by 300 percent. The opening of Custom Saddlery’s new plant in Walsall, England, along with the present facilities located in Aiken, South Carolina, and in Holland, increases manufacturing space from 3,500 square feet to 14,000 square feet. Not only does the new plant increase capabilities, but the United Kingdom facility is also fundamental to the supply chain and is located centrally for shipment to Europe and to the United States.

“Walsall is an existing area for saddle manufacturing with a lot of suppliers, and it’s central to the U.S. and Europe for distribution,” said Cary Wallace, owner and president of Custom Saddlery. The company uses top quality leather from the U.K. and France to make its more than 20 saddle models, so the new plant allows greater ease in obtaining the desired materials. The company is known for its ability to customize each saddle model with a myriad of options to promote individual style, comfort, fit, and high performance. In addition, Custom Saddlery continues to develop new models – researching, designing, and testing models until they are ideal before offering them to the public. Expert saddle fitters located worldwide ensure that each horse and rider pair has a saddle that is fitted perfectly for them.

“Our saddles are innovative from inception,” Wallace said, adding that Custom Saddlery creates different designs and trees to fit a variety of horses. “We match the shape of the tree to the shape of the horse’s back. We fit everything from a horse with very defined withers to a horse with no withers. We offer a variety of different seat shapes and knee rolls as well as different color options, leather options, and specialty designs.”

Wallace added that saddles were once created for functionality only, but they now incorporate fashion options to create appearances to please the most discriminating riders. The new facility in England, along with the plants in South Carolina and Holland, allows Custom Saddlery to continue making the market’s most desired saddles, and to make them more quickly. “The demand is there,” Wallace said. “We needed expanded space to grow and to able to be the best we can be.”