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Custom Saddlery Brings on the Pink by Sponsoring Challenge of The Americas to Cap Off Annual Saddle Fitters Meeting

Custom Saddlery Brings on the Pink by Sponsoring Challenge of The Americas to Cap Off Annual Saddle Fitters Meeting
Posted on: March 22, 2018    Category  News

Wellington, FL — Custom Saddlery recently furthered their dedication to the growth and development of their international team of saddle fitters by hosting a week-long continuing education event in Wellington, Florida. Nearly 60 official Custom Saddlery fitters travelled from across the United States and Europe to unite on March 5-9 for the annual fitters meeting. Raising the bar of innovative, high-quality service for horse and rider, Custom Saddlery provided expert training on best saddle fitting techniques for equine confirmation and explored the physiology of proper saddle fit.

Their agenda didn’t stop there. Custom Saddlery capped off their immersive training event by sponsoring the Challenge of the Americas and donating a Custom Saddle to support breast cancer research. The exciting live-streamed Challenge of the Americas featured a six-rider Grand Prix Quadrille Team Challenge and raised nearly $150,000 in donations for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The entire Custom Saddlery team displayed their support for this incredibly worthy cause by sporting pink Challenge of the Americas shirts and uniting in the main International Arena to present a raffled off brand new Custom Saddle. Winner William “Bill” Pearson happily accepted his prize Custom Saddle presented by company President Cary Wallace with Wellington-based fitter Frank Tobias.  To see some of the Custom Saddlery team in action at Challenge of the Americas see this video.

Not only did the Custom Saddlery crew bring an international flair to the Challenge of the Americas, but the event also welcomed a team of six Dutch Grand Prix riders who recorded their ride in Holland. Their exhibition video was broadcast at Challenge of the Americas, whereas the teams of Back on Track, MatchNRide, Purina, and Winged Foot showcased their creativity live in the ring. Challenge of the Americas founder Mary Ross said, “Breast cancer knows no boundaries and to help end breast cancer, we need to raise more donations ear-marked for breast cancer research. The best way for us to do this is to reach out to equestrians in other locations for their support.”

While the all-Canadian Team MatchNRide was victorious in the challenge, a common thread amongst equestrians on horseback, coaches on the sidelines, choreographers, and those watching in the stands or via live-stream was a united appreciation for expertly fitted Custom Saddles. Many horses that competed in the Challenge of the Americas were ridden in their Custom Saddles. During the Challenge of the Americas, Custom Saddlery’s own Most Valuable Rider (MVR) Heather Blitz, a Pan American Games Team Gold Medalist, performed a pas de deux in her favorite Custom Advantage saddle with Catherine Haddad Staller.

Custom Saddlery has a strong presence of saddle fitters based in the South Florida equestrian community and a service center on-site at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. As the most innovative saddle company on the market, Custom Saddlery offers expert saddle fitting, care and repair services to deliver comfort and balance to every type of horse and rider combination. 

As a long-time sponsor of the 12-week hotly contested Adequan Global Dressage Festival series, the company felt more than hospitable in hosting the meeting in Wellington and supporting the concurrent Challenge of the Americas event. Throughout the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, the company has been presenting select riders with the Custom Saddlery MVR award in an effort to give back to the dressage community. Recipients are selected for displaying high-quality horsemanship, great determination and impressive accolades.

Top equestrians from around the globe unite in their appreciation for Custom Saddlery’s high quality of craftsmanship, seamless fit and variety of saddles for every type of horse. Based in Aiken, South Carolina, Custom Saddlery features more than 30 innovative saddle models and 10 different tree styles with endless customizable options. Custom Saddlery inspires riders to be creative with their equipment and is constantly researching and developing new designs. Endorsed by world-renowned equestrians, such as Steffen Peters, Patrik Kittel and Mette Rosencrantz, Custom Saddlery offers riders a key to successful training. 

For riders who simply want the best, find your local Custom Saddlery fitter by visiting, the official Facebook page or call 803-649-2766.


Photo 1: Custom Saddlery Team of saddle fitters present the raffle winner Bill Pearson during the Challenge of the Americas. (Photo courtesy of Wilma Frentz)

Photo 2: Team Purina makes a grand entrance during the Challenge of the Americas quadrille competition benefiting Breast Cancer Research. (Photo courtesy of Wilma Frentz)