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Bertram Allen and Lafayette Van Overis Scoop Up a Second Win in $72,000 Sunday Classic CSI 5* at TIEC

Bertram Allen and Lafayette Van Overis Scoop Up a Second Win in $72,000 Sunday Classic CSI 5* at TIEC
Posted on: October 21, 2019    Category  News

$25,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Final Crowns 2019 Winners

Bertram Allen and Lafayette Van Overis Blaze to Win $36,000 Speed Stake CSI 5*

Kelley Farmer Bookends the Podium in $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Mill Spring, NC - October 20, 2019 - Bertram Allen (IRL) and Lafayette Van Overis dominated the $72,000 Sunday Classic CSI 5* at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) at Tryon Resort Sunday, scooping up their second FEI win on the week with a jump-off time of 33.564 seconds. Ali Wolff (USA) and Casall, a 2005 Holsteiner gelding (Casall x Capitol I) owned by Blacklick Bend Farm, earned second on a time of 34.516, while Lillie Keenan (USA) piloted Fasther, the Chansonette Farm LLC-owned 2010 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Vigo D’Arsouilles x Farmer), to third on a time of 34.724 seconds.

Course designer Guilherme Jorge (BRA) tested 66 entries over the first-round course, with 14 horse-and-rider pairs welcomed back to challenge the jump-off. Allen, who had already won Friday’s $36,000 Speed Stake CSI 5* aboard Lafayette Van Overis, admitted that he wasn’t really going for the win with his still-green and recently-acquired ride:

“This is the first time he’s jumped as big as he did today [1.50m], so I already thought Friday was ‘my’ class, you know. In the first round it was the biggest and most difficult course he’s jumped, but he really put his head down and tried his best. For the jump-off, I wasn’t really watching everybody, because I didn’t want to do something crazy,” Allen revealed, “so I was actually quite relaxed going in. I just wanted to be as fast as I could be, and it worked out, and he’s naturally very fast as well.”

Allen and the 2011 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Kashmir Van Schuttershof x Tauber an Het Kapelhof) owned by Clee Equestrian & Harrie Theeuwes put in a smooth performance that couldn’t be topped in the end, but since he was so focused on giving Lafayette Van Overis a good ride, he couldn’t quite pinpoint where he won: “I’m not sure exactly where I made up the time, because I wasn’t really watching the others, so I’d have to watch it back, but actually everything just came up nice and smooth, for a change.

“It’s been a very good week,” said Allen. “I’ve placed every day, except in the Grand Prix I had an unlucky four faults, but other than that it’s been fantastic. The pressure’s off now - the trip’s paid for! It’s been a super week.”

From here, Allen isn’t sure how high Lafayette Van Overis will soar, but he’s happy with the willing attitude and work ethic he’s got at the start of their partnership: “I still don’t know how much scope he has in the end, but he’s so smart, and he totally only wants to do the right thing, and when you have one like that, it makes for a great start.”

$25,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Championship Crowns 2019 Winners

The $25,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Championship saw a win for David O’Brien (Lexington, KY) and Olivia SCF in the $5,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Five-Year-Old Championship, marking the Spy Coast Farm LLC 2014 Belgian Warmblood mare’s (Cardento x Simbette) first finals experience with a win. “She was perfect all week,” said O’Brien. “She made today look like an Equitation round! She has great technique. She’s probably only shown five or six times this year. The last two weeks, she’s been clear every day - she hasn’t had a pole down in two weeks!”

With Richie Moloney (Wellington, FL) and Equinimity LLC’s Daisycutter, a 2014 American Warmblood mare (Dicktator van de Boslandhoeve x Trulli) in third, O’Brien also claimed reserve in the same division with Octavius SCF, the Spy Coast Farm LLC 2014 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Diktator van de Boslandhoeve x Beluga), who had just one rail down in the jump-off, he explained: “I was doing the same strides as the first round. I did the seven, so I got the rollback, and then the normal six home. There was a bit of room to leave out, but she just needs to learn. I was lucky enough to have two horses in the class, but I wasn’t in it to win it with her.”

The Spy Coast Farm rider emphasized how competing his developing jumpers at TIEC help bring them up the levels in a safe and educational environment:

“All week there have been nice courses, and they’ve been getting the horses to do a bit extra everyday. Throughout the year, we start out at a smaller level. I typically come back to Tryon around April or May, and come July, we move up the standards. It [the Developing Jumper Series] really gives us a platform for everybody to do the same with their horses, and progress them at the same level.”

O’Brien, who is a frequent competitor at the venue and who will return in November for the Young Horse Show Finals presented by Spy Coast Farm, continued, “I love it here! She [Olivia] is very bloody and all that, so it’s nice to have the bridle paths to train [young horses] and go around the whole show. You can get them used to other horses, and there are tons of rings to train them in. She even did some of the Hunter jumps during Schooling Days [last winter]. Olivia has a lot of character in the stall. I had a show in Kentucky, and she got afraid, so we took our time getting back. She came back stronger than ever!”

In the $10,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Six-Year-Old Championship, Cody Quintana (Wellington, FL) piloted Noah Van Den Doorn to the win. Andrew Welles (Wellington, FL) claimed reserve with Idol H&H, a 2013 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Action-Breaker x Mantana) owned by Itasca Group LLC, while third went to Jennifer Waxman (Lexington, KY) aboard New Moon SCF, a 2013 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Cunningham x Gera 28) owned by Spy Coast Farm LLC. Quintana reported “better and better” rounds all week aboard The Ten BVBA’s 2013 Belgian Warmblood mare (Quinn vd Heffinck x Wandor van de Mispelaere) he’s been paired with since the summer:

“We just bought her [Noah Van Den Doorn] from The Ten Auction from a friend of ours. We’ve had her all summer and have been in Europe. She’s very green for her age, but she is lovely. She always jumps clear, she’s really easy, and has a great mind! She’s been super this week. As the rounds went she jumped better and better.

“I thought the course designer did a super job of building us up. The first day was a little smaller, the second day a little bigger, and today was a nice height for the six-year-olds. I think he did a super job! For right now,” Quintana continued, “the plan is just to keep developing her. Next year we will jump in the seven-year-olds, and hopefully she keeps going all the way to the top of the sport. I really believe in her. I think she can go all the way!”

For Quintana, whose goal was simply to have four clear rounds, taking home the title was an added bonus. “Honestly, I’m not the fastest rider,” she admitted. “I just wanted to go clear so that she could have four clear rounds this week. I would’ve even been happy with fourth place, so the fact that I won was the cherry on top of the sundae!

“I think the Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series is really important, especially in America,” Quintana emphasized. “What Lisa Lourie has done is amazing. These classes are special; they make you feel like you’re doing something that really matters. In America, before Lisa got involved, the young jumpers were a little bit in the back ring, and nobody thought about them. I think she’s done a really great job of highlighting the importance of the young jumpers and developing them. For that, I am very grateful,” she concluded.

Gavin Harley (IRL) and Corbawido PS claimed the $10,000 Spy Coast Farm Developing Jumper Series Seven-Year-Old Championship, syncing with a new ride to top the field. Hunter Holloway (Topeka, KS) and Cesna M, the Naji Rachid-owned 2012 Oldenburg gelding (Check In 2 x Sandro Boy), earned second, while Jennifer Waxman (Lexington, KY) rode Maui SCF, the 2012 Spy Coast Farm LLC Belgian Warmblood mare (Verdi x Lazuli), to third.

“This is only my third show with him [Corbawido PS],” said Harley of the 2010 Oldenburg gelding (Cornet’s Balou x Annette) owned by Wolfstone Stables & Sales Inc. “He’s a horse that Schuyler [Riley] rode up until now. I was lucky enough that she gave me the ride on him for these few shows. He’s been amazing! I’ve yet to have a fence down with him. He’s always jumped clear, and felt excellent this week. I couldn’t have asked for much more from him.”

While Harley and team don’t have any specific goals in mind for Corbawido PS at the moment, they “think very highly of him,” he emphasized. “We think he’s going to be a really good one for the future.

“The course was tricky. It wasn’t overly big, but took a bit of riding,” Harley explained. “It was a nice course. It’s an amazing experience for the young horses to get to jump in a ring like this. Tryon is amazing. Again, the young horses getting to jump in this ring and in this atmosphere is amazing for them,” he concluded.

Bertram Allen and Lafayette Van Overis Blaze to Win $36,000 Speed Stake CSI 5*

Bertram Allen (IRL) and Lafayette Van Overis, a 2011 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Kashmir Van Schuttershof x Tauber an Het Kapelhof) owned by Clee Equestrian & Harrie Theeuwes, bested a field of 48 pairs to take home the win in Friday’s $36,000 Speed Stake CSI 5*, halting the timers at 60.56 seconds. Santiago Lambre (MEX) and Ibabco, the Santiago Lambre & Stephex Stables-owned 2008 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Nabab de Reve x Darco), claimed second on a time of 61.84, while Tracy Fenney (USA) and MTM Apple picked up third, with the 2011 Danish Warmblood mare (Favorit Ask x Willemoes) owned by MTM Farm putting in a 62.51-second round.

“It was tricky enough, so there were plenty of faults in the class,” Allen said of the course. “The only real big decision was to go inside [from fence] one to two or not, and I didn’t; I decided I would run around and try to be as fast as I could everywhere else, and it worked out. He’s a very naturally quick horse, and then I was very risky to the last turn, so that’s probably what did it.” Allen revealed that his equine partner is still very fresh to the CSI 5* level, saying, “He’s only eight, and I only bought him four or five shows ago, so he’s very inexperienced. It’s only his second 5*, but he’s fantastic and so honest, so it makes my job a lot easier.”

Kelley Farmer Bookends the Podium in $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Kelley Farmer (USA) took first, third, and fourth place honors in Friday’s $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at TIEC, piloting As Quoted to a total score of 368.5 for the win after two rounds, while guiding Consent, a 2012 Westphalian gelding (Los Angeles x Fiones) owned by David Glefke and Kent Farrington LLC, to a two-round total of 360 to receive third. Holly Shepherd (USA) and Margaret Camp’s Midas, a 2013 Holsteiner gelding, received a total score of 365 to earn second place. A field of 20 entries were showcased over the course set by Skip Bailey (West Palm Beach, FL) in the Grand Hunter Ring, but Farmer and the 2013 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Zambesi TN x Bybalia SMH) owned by David Glefke wowed the judges in the handy to end up on top.

“As Quoted is my baby of the barn,” Farmer admitted. “He’s been second a couple times in the derbies and he’s starting to do this quite well, but he’s my youngest and greenest. He’s going to be so good. He’s super careful and super brave and he has the best mentality; he tries so hard and is always happy and sweet. I’m so glad he finally won one because he’s just been knocking on the door.”

Farmer relayed how As Quoted has been moving up through the Green Hunter divisions over the past year and building his derby experience to culminate in his first USHJA International Derby win: “I started him in the 3’6” Green and Green Confirmation in Florida, and he has a ton of ability but just needed to learn how to go like a hunter. As soon as he did the 3’6” in Florida, he started competing in the derbies. He’s been second like three times, so he’s starting to figure it out. Next year he’ll jump the 3’9” Green division and keep doing the derbies,” Farmer continued. “I think in the long run he’s going to be a fantastic performance and derby horse. He’s beautifully rideable, and he’s really starting to put it all together.”

Famer has contested top Hunter competition at the venue before, and complimented the Grand Hunter Ring layout for the way it fostered a strong audience in the stands. “I’ve come here a couple of times for just a week at a time, and I love the place,” she emphasized. “We’ve done derbies in the field, the [Tryon Stadium] and the International Stadium, but I thought Skip built a nice course here. I think the derbies are super helpful [to the sport]. People don’t really watch the hunters all day [during the week], but tonight you had people sitting here watching it."

Kelley Farmer and As Quoted in their presentation ceremony alongside JP Godard, TIEC Competition Manager, and Larry Glefke.

In Farmer’s mind, exposing spectators to top-level Hunter competition like Friday’s $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby is important for the sport. “For the Hunters, I think the derbies are great because we get some outside interaction and spectators. I think the more money [organizers] give, the more people will come to ride, and I think you’ll have more spectators,” she concluded. “You haven’t had people watching the hunter rings this week, but tonight for the derby [there were a lot], and that’s a great thing. I think the more money you have in the derbies, the more it’ll become a spectator sport.”

Hunter Highlights

The Pulse Equine Performance Hunter 3’3” Division was swept by Verona, VA resident Jason Berry, who piloted Central Park to champion for Lee Cesery and Alisa Berry’s At Last to reserve.

The Absorbine® Green Hunter 3’ Division congratulated Danielle Ford (Newnan, GA) for her efforts with her own Blondie DSF to earn champion, while Jacqueline McQueen (Asbury, NJ) claimed reserve aboard Unrivaled for Shelley Stettner.

The USHJA Hunter 2’9” Division named Ashley Conkle (Wellford, SC) and Sign On, owned by Daniel Geitner, as champions for the week, and awarded reserve to Jodi Vasquez (Mettawa, IL) and August, the Elodie Watrous entry.

Jumper Highlights

In the Nutrena® 1.40m Open Jumper Division, KC van Aarem (Sarasota, FL) was named champion for her efforts with her own Las Vegas, and Kelli Cruciotti (Elizabeth, CO) rode Grandy de Laubry for 3 Seas LLC to reserve.

The Adequan® 1.30m Open Jumper Division saw Heather Steinman (Canton, GA) pilot Livhaven Stables’ HE Amelusina RF to champion honors, while reserve was named to Chelsea Roche (Wellington, FL) aboard Astika for JR Show Stables LLC.

Andy Kocher (Wellington, FL) rode Carlos Santana to champion in the CaptiveOne Advisors 1.20m Open Jumper Division for Emma Brunell, while Gavin Harley (Ireland) collected reserve with Dolltaire for Ketcham Farm at Cream Ridge LLC.