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My name is Samantha Billings - Coatney and I am the owner of Billings Equestrian, operated out of Livermore, CA. I am a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, with the goal of working my way up the ladder to obtain my gold. Billings Equestrian has grown from 20+ students to well over 40. My student clients truly represent all kinds; young kids, teens, adults, and riders who are "getting back in the saddle" after long absences or who want to transition to dressage from a prior style. Billings Equestrian has become a place that I am proud to say, allows everyone to be themselves and helps to push each other in positive directions no matter what your overall riding goal is. Having used and ridden in Custom Saddles for the past 14 years and having my clients all use the saddles as well, I am beyond excited for this journey with Custom Saddlery!