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At Custom Saddlery, we believe in using only the finest materials available to us. Our Buffalo leather gives our saddles that instant broken-in feeling. We use a top grade Asian Water Buffalo tanned to our specifications. This is not to be confused with Bison or American Buffalo. Our smooth leathers are uncorrected, which means they have not been stamped or pressed, leaving them in their natural state which gives you a softer, more textured feeling leather. With proper care our saddles will give you many years of service and remain as elegant as the day you bought it.


We add additional flock in the front of the panels beneath the thigh blocks. This is a point where we anticipate settling and allows for a better long term fit. The saddle may sit a little higher in the front initially, but after a few rides it should begin to settle and mold to the shape of your horse's back giving proper balance for you and your horse.

We use and recommend Effax Leder-balsam for our Buffalo and our Smooth leathers.

If you have purchased one of our fitted saddles in Buffalo, you will need to care for this leather so it will remain as soft, supple, and grippy as the first time you rode in it. To do this, we use and recommend the Effax line of conditioners. WE DON'T RECOMMEND CLEANING OR USING CLEANSERS! Too much cleaning can strip away the leather's finish and color. Unless you have left your saddle in your basement for a year, you don't need to clean your saddle other than wiping off the dust with a damp cloth. We recommend applying the conditioner liberally after each ride for the first few weeks. After that you will need to apply as needed. In warmer, dryer climates you will need to do this more often. If your seat and knee pads become shiny you know you are not applying your conditioner enough and you need to do this more frequently. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to call or email us.


We do not recommend oiling your saddles. However, there are times when the sweat from the horse will affect the back of the sweat flap and the outside flap under your leg. If you notice that your saddle leather has become dry, stiff and has a loss of color, we recommend applying neatsfoot oil to the back of the flaps. The back side or flesh side of the leather will absorb the oil and renew the leather without damaging the pores. After one application of this, we then recommend a vigorous treatment with the Effax at least once a day, each day after you ride for approximately three weeks.

Always remember to condition your saddle.

Pay attention to the feel of the leather and when it starts to feel dry and stiff give it some much needed care.

General Care and Conditioning

  • Initial Break-in: condition as often as you can, usually about once a day for approximately 3 weeks.
  • Routine Care: clean off dust with damp sponge. Apply conditioner as needed or to combat conditions.
  • Condition entire saddle with the Effax leather balm at least 2-3 times a week or whenever the saddle seems dry. Respect your tack.
  • Never dry leather with heat or direct sunlight.
  • Never place saddle on posts/fences as this will damage the gullet.
  • Never ride in denim jeans and be sure stirrup leathers are not rough or cracked - this may wear away the surface of the leather.
  • Never pull on the rear of our saddle to mount your horse, this will weaken or twist the tree of your saddle. Use a mounting block.



Always be sure the billets are not upside down, particularly the rear floating. Many of our fitted saddles have a rear billet keeper at the bottom of each flap to keep the flap secure and close to your horse. With a new saddle, you may want to keep the billet out of the keeper until your flaps break in.

A sample Effax is included with every saddle.A sample of Effax is included with every saddle.


Caring for your Mono Flap Saddle

We recommend and use Effax for our leather care and conditioning. We DO NOT recommend cleaning or cleaners (glycerine or any type). Cleaning will wear away the color/finish and dry out the leather. All over conditioning with Effax, up to daily usage is recommended. Just keep a small round tack sponge in the Effax jar and wipe entire saddle, top and underneath as well as flaps and knee rolls (basically anything leather as your saddle is encased in leather). Conditioning the seat and the panel (the wool stuffed part of your saddle that rests on the horse's back) will ensure a great break in and comfort for both horse and rider. For dirt and dust, just use your tack sponge and rinse out when dirty or use a damp cloth to wipe off dust and debris if necessary.

Warranty Information: Limited 5 year warranty on the tree. One (1) year warranty on workmanship and materials (excludes damage due to neglect or mistreatment/from original date of purchase). Proof of ownership is required. Without proof of ownership, warranty is void and non-transferrable.