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Shea Stewart

United States

Fort Worth

DFW areas, Houston, Oklahoma


I have been a professional in the equine world since 1998, specializing in rehabilitation, training young horses and retraining problem horses. While I had my ranch in CA, I studied from top clinicians learning gross anatomy and dissection, horsemanship philosophy, barefoot trimming, saddle fitting, biomechanical anatomy, and different aspects of body work including specializing in advanced craniosacral therapy. I also traveled throughout California teaching clinics in horsemanship, equine craniosacral, and bimechanical assessment. Custom Saddlery was top on my list in favorite saddles for their fit and comfort for horse and rider. Shortly after I relocated to Texas, I jumped at the opportunity to join Custom Saddlery’s team of representatives and fitters. I currently provide saddle fitting consultation, sales, and equine craniosacral therapy for the DFW and Houston areas as well as Oklahoma.





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