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Endel Ots and Lucky Strike Dominate the 2018 Wellington Classic Dressage Global Holiday Challenge to Clinch the Semican Achievement Award

Endel Ots and Lucky Strike Dominate the 2018 Wellington Classic Dressage Global Holiday Challenge to Clinch the Semican Achievement Award
Geplaatst op: december 14, 2018    Categorie  Persberichten

Wellington, FL –  Endel Ots and Lucky Strike have, once again, dominated the dressage arena by earning high score wins on both days of the 2018 Wellington Classic Dressage Global Holiday Challenge. The pair rode their way to a high score win of 78.971% in the highly competitive Prix St Georges on Saturday, only to top it off on Sunday with a whopping high score win of 80% in the Intermediate I. “I’ve been working on getting my canter work stronger and stronger,” Ots reflects, “and I was pretty happy with the big clean changes and pirouettes.” 

Ots and his big, black Hanoverian gelding, Lucky, were easy to pick out amongst the fierce competition in the ring. They gained the attention of both the crowd and the judges.  “I got a lot of 8’s in my canter work,” Ots describes about his I-1 test, “9’s on my half passes, a 9 on the collected canter, pirouette right, and a 9 on the ride up.”  Lucky also received a rave post-ride review from Judge Charlotte Trentelman.  She noted on Ots’ test, “Judging Lucky is like judging an ice cream sundae”, and added a big smiley face!

Lucky’s calm energy during the performances not only helped him earn the high scores but also win the recently announced Semican Achievement Award. The Semican Achievement Award is presented to a horse and rider combination that earns top scores and displays outstanding excellence in their performance. Ots was thrilled to receive the award, which included a commemorative neck ribbon and engraved tray. Semican is based in Canada and is the manufacturer of Semican HullFree Oats. They are looking forward to recognizing more top sport horses and their riders, like Lucky and Ots, with this award.

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