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Catherine Sutton grew up in southern California and spent her youth sailing with the Mariner Scouts. She was not introduced to horses until graduating college, and it was her first horse, a retired rodeo bronc, that got her introduced to dressage. It was the dressage training that tamed this stiff old paint. Catherine’s dressage career extended to riding after work and weekends until by fortune she married John Sutton and moved to beautiful Virginia. Unable to keep her business career going out in the country, she began teaching Dressage out of her small farm in Afton, Virginia. In 2001 at age 53 she became a USDF Certified Dressage Instructor Training-Second Level. She received her Bronze Medal riding her Swedish Warmblood mare Prima Facie, and now rides Prima’s daughter Prima Gracie. Grace is a sensitive mare and was never able to demonstrate any ability towards higher level dressage until we found Custom Saddlery. Grace's first Custom saddle was the Icon Flight and as her body developed, we changed to the Wolfgang Matrix. As an older rider, I love the Matrix. It stabilizes by vertical balance so I can enjoy this sport without needing to be a super athlete and of course my mare can’t say enough good things about her Custom Saddle.

My goals are to complete the requirements for my Silver Metal with Grace and continue teaching lower level dressage, to the countless riders who ride for pleasure on ordinary horses.