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Kenton Wright has been riding horses since he was five days old as his mom rode pens in a feedlot. A sixth-generation rancher in Washington and Idaho, under the label Wright Way Angus, Kenton grew up training ranch horses with an emphasis on producing safe, versatile mounts for all walks of life. Even during his collegiate and professional baseball career, Kenton continued to train horses in various disciplines from rope and barrel futurity horses in Texas to horses for mounted police work in addition to training jumpers and polo horses in Kansas. He is an accomplished polo player and has garnered numerous accolades in mounted archery. Kenton earned national top honors in 2017 in Working Equitation winning the Novice Horse/Rider pair division. Early in 2018, at his first rated dressage show, he brought home the high score award from Heart of the Valley Dressage. Kenton earned his bronze medal for dressage in 2019. Kenton continues to train, show and sell horses, under the label Kenton Wright Equestrian, in many disciplines each year. With 40 horses in training, Kenton brings a unique barn experience related to the variety of breeds, ages and disciplines he undertakes. A lover of horses, Kenton strives to show horses in the disciplines that suit the horse best and believes a well-rounded horse is the goal of his training program.