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Matt’s training philosophy for horse and rider is based on his system that integrates classical principles of dressage, competitive dressage, and Natural Horsemanship techniques. Matt began studying dressage and the art of training horses in haute ecole at an early age. He was a trainer and performer for the world touring Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show and was the Head Trainer for the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Florida. Matt has successfully trained and competed horses through Grand Prix Dressage as well as in haute ecole including Capriole, Courgette, and Levade. Matt continues to hone his skills by adapting techniques gleaned from training experiences as well as his work with industry notables in the dressage, western, and trick training disciplines. Now focused on International Dressage competition, Matt has earned the USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold rider medals and has a five star rating on Centerline Scores. As the first step in the USEF judge program, Matt graduated with distinction from the USDF ‘L’ education program. Currently based in Florida, Matt travels throughout North America and Europe as a dressage competitor, clinician, and exhibition performer.